Gain funding, increase ROI, boost conversion

If these are some of your goals or the goals of your company, I can help. I am a B2B content strategist and developer with a PhD in business and technical writing. I work with financial tech and software marketers to convey complex products, projects, or messages through exciting and relatable content.

My portfolio includes:

-white papers
-case studies
-executive summaries
-survey design
-ebooks and more

I also offer:

-comprehensive consulting for strategy and deployment
-SEO marketing
- email campaigns
- sales letters
-product reviews

And I coach:

-Academics transitioning to post-academic or alt-ac careers
-Professionals interested in launching a freelance career

My clients say:

Andrew Huld

"Gerald was very attention and responsive to my messages and did a lot of thinking for me. Wish I had a bigger project for him to work on!"

Talia Namini

"It was such an honor to work with Gerald. He truly cares about delivering a product that you are 100% happy with, and he works on it with full effort. He's also such a sweet person who really cares about your ultimate happiness with the finished product. I will definitely hire him again."

Daryl Clarke

"Gerald is a great copywriter to work with. Communication was very easy. He researched the subject matter and became very knowledgeable very quickly. He was very willing to make the revisions requested by the customer and adhered to the timeline that was agreed upon. I am very satisfied and will look him up again for the next project."

Sara Oeminisk

"Gerald helped me understand how to talk about my product in a more relatable manner. He's great at explaining complex things in a simple, straightforward yet accurate manner. He was able to articulate my vision better than I could!"

Examples of my work

3 Ways Emerging HR Technology Can Improve the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Your Staff

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Silvertoken White Paper

Silvertoken Web Content

Seagate Barracuda Infographic