I earned my PhD and never took an academic job. You can read my transition story here, but in short, I left academia because I wanted to be my own boss–set my own schedule, determine my own rates, control my financial freedom, have more time with my family, and generally just enjoy my life.

If you’re an academic–graduate student, adjunct or non-tenure faculty, or tenure-track professor who’s had a change of heart–and you want to transition to an industry career, I can help you. If you are an academic interested in starting your own freelance business, especially but not limited to freelance writing, I can help you. Read below for the details of the academic transitioning services I offer. Also, see my Small Business Consulting and Resume Writing and Career Readiness pages for additional services.

Transition Coaching Offers You…

  • A personal mentor to guide you through all stages of your transition from the world of academia to industry or self-employment.
  • Evaluation of your skills and capabilities and an understanding of how you’re qualified for WAY more than you think you are.
  • Help in navigating the non-academic job market, especially in terms of crafting your non-traditional experiences as not only industry-ready but industry-essential.
  • How to plan and execute a successful job campaign.
  • How to handle the emotional ups and downs of transitioning from one industry into another.
  • An understanding of the role of mindset in landing that great new job or starting your dream business. Yes, your beliefs really do control your destiny!
  • If you’re still in graduate school but already know you want to transition out of academia, transition coaching is particularly useful in helping you seek out and build upon opportunities to professionalize while still in school (I wish someone would have talked to me about this stuff. It would have saved me so much time.)
  • Job application help in terms of reading and assessing job postings you’re interested in and helping you consider the most effect angle to take when applying (note: this does not include document preparation or review. For those services, see Transition Document Package details below).
  • And more! Schedule your free 20-minute phone session to see how we can help you make your dreams a reality.

Free 20-minute phone consultation

Sign up here for a free 20-minute introductory phone session to explore how transition coaching will benefit you. In this brief session, we’ll discuss your goals, background, interests, and an introductory plan for how transition coaching can best meet your needs.

Transition Coaching

  • Coaching sessions are available via either phone or Skype.
  • 60-minute coaching session–$125
  • Discounted packages of 3,6,or 9 sessions are available.
    • 3 sessions–$350 ($25 off)
    • 6 sessions–$700 ($50 off)
    • 9 sessions–$1050 ($75 off plus six-months of follow-up email communication after your sessions complete)

Transition Document Package

Because one of the biggest hurdles to transitioning out of academia is learning what it means to craft industry-ready job materials (your CV won’t cut it on the non-academic market), we offer a few versions of our document package designed specifically for academics.

  • Document consultation and review–$250. This package includes a 30-minute phone consultation followed by reviewing, editing, and providing brief, in-text feedback on your resume and cover letter. Please note, this package does not the writing of your documents but instead offers review and suggestions for improvement on a resume and cover letter previously prepared.
  • Original document development and preparation–$400. This package includes a 60-minute coaching call and the development of one original resume and cover letter prepared by a Certified Professional Resume Writer.
  • Coaching and document development and preparation packages.
    • 3 coaching sessions PLUS document development–$600 ($50 off)
    • 6 coaching sessions PLUS document development (up to two resumes and cover letters)–$1200 ($125 off)
    • 9 coaching sessions PLUS document development (up to three resumes and cover letters)–$1700 ($250 off plus six-months of follow-up email communication after your sessions complete)

Schedule your free consultation!