I’ll be honest with you, I’m kind of a goofy guy. Typical gaming, sci-fi loving, wanna-be member of King Author’s round table. Yep, I still write stories about brave men wielding swords and fighting dragons while cliché giants loom in faraway lands. I might own a comic book or two…you get the picture. I went to college to study computer science because I actually liked the idea of working in a cubicle somewhere programming my heart out while writing games in my spare time.

Then I met a girl who loved words and philosophy and sat around thinking just for fun. I got inspired to embrace my love of language and books and my own quirky personality. So I went to graduate school to study writing and rhetoric, and I quickly learned that my interests in writing and communication involved understanding how to use words to make stuff happen. Real stuff like propose in such a way that the girl says yes (mission accomplished, by the way) or talk-up your used Ford pickup with 160,000 miles in such a way that Craigslist buyers want to pay you for the chance to own such a beauty. Simple, small examples, but you see my point. I fell in love with the persuasive power of language. By the time I graduated with my master’s degree, I couldn’t wait to combine my interests in tech with my passion for writing.

At the doctoral level, I studied business and technical writing. I became interested not only in how words affect change, but in who gets to use what words in any given context. I learned about the socio-political dynamics of technical communication. My doctoral thesis argued for a more diverse model of collaboration in technical software writing communities, and my research pushed me to desire a career outside of academia. I wanted a career in which I could put my writing and communication expertise to work with individuals and businesses to help them understand and utilize the power of words, including how to use words to elevate their own voices within a given community. That’s what I do today. I use words to help my clients accomplish their goals.

I have ten-years’ experience studying and teaching writing in both academic and industry settings, and as a writer myself, I have a lifelong relationship with words. My background in computer science coupled with my doctoral-level training in business and technical writing provide me with professional research skills, including the ability to synthesize qualitative and quantitative data. But be warned, I am still a geek at heart. If you give me the opportunity to gush about The Lord of the Rings, I’m gonna run with it (and if I need to tell you I’m referencing the books here and not the movies, well…there’s a lot of copywriters out there).

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