Are you providing a technical product or service for non-technical audiences? Do you need crisp and clear content to educate staff about new programs or procedures? Is your business set to be a thought leader in your industry? Do you want an effective, B2B lead generation funnel that can engage potential clients throughout their sales journey with high-level copy and highly specific content?

Then let’s talk.

Develop Your B2B Content Funnel with High-Quality Copy

I provide well-researched, educational, and persuasive copy that conveys your brand and your offerings to clients. My services include:

  • Websites and Web Content: If you want to be a thought leader in your industry, you need to rank in search engine results as part of a passive funnel for high-quality leads. Blogs, articles and service pages with rich content draw search results from Google while enticing customers to explore your product or idea. I am an expert at on-page SEO and content strategy and development.
  • Whitepapers, Case Studies, Executive Summaries, Survey Design: Show customers and clients that you offer more than just a product—you offer a level of knowledge and expertise that goes above and beyond the competition. Whitepapers and case studies reach potential customers at any point in the sales journey. Whether your focus is on persuading investors, increasing sales, generating traffic, or launching a new product or idea, whitepapers, case studies, executive summaries, and extended reports provide you the opportunity to describe your complex product or idea in a thorough, organized, well-researched, and relatable manner.
  • Email Campaigns: Despite the evolution of web content development, email is still a top marketing medium. Data shows that compelling email copy translates into repeat customers. I offer campaign packages for both email sequences and newsletters that inform and sell at the same time.
  • Landing Pages: Unlike traditional web pages, landing pages have a single job: convert a visitor to a sale. I develop landing pages that continue to produce up to 45% conversion rates per day. If you need clients to call, click, or subscribe, set up a free consultation today and let’s talk conversion.
  • Repurposed Content: Take all the hard work that went into a major whitepaper, executive summary, extended definition, or case study and develop it into a set of effective marketing assets. Slide Decks, blog posts, email sequences, social media content… make your current whitepaper work overtime in reaching clients, customers and staff.
  • Individualized Content: I offer specialized packages tailored to your unique content needs. Whether a start-up looking for initial content consulting, an established company in need of increasing ROI or generating new funding avenues, or an employer wanting to develop a comprehensive employee communication strategy prior to new product launch, I can assemble a content marketing package to suit your specific needs. Email for more information or set up a free consultation today.

†Content Services

Blogs (Individual)
1,000 words
Monthly Email Newsletter
2,000 words

Landing Pages $300
Whitepapers and Case Studies
3,000 – 5,000 words, including research
Content Consulting
1 hour via Skype or Phone
Social Media Account Management
1 account, posting updated content and maintaining a regular posting schedule
Bundle Content
4 Blog Posts + Monthly Newsletter