As a B2B copywriter, consultant, and digital strategist, I help financial tech and software companies gain funding, increase their conversion rates, and communicate complex messages in ways that resonate with their intended audiences. As a former academic-turned independent business owner and consultant, I help academics transition to new, non-academic or alt-ac careers.

I primarily serve financial technology and software marketers.

You can view a select sampling of my work here. If you’d like to see more, or have requests for a sample of a specific kind of document, please contact me.

Yes! I do not outsource my writing. I am successful enough to be picky in choosing my assignments, and I only take on work that I can personally complete. With me, you always get 1:1 attention.


Yes, both in my writing career and my academic background, I have extensive experience working with and mentoring non-native English speakers.

I charge a fixed, per project fee. I do not charge hourly for writing or business consulting projects. My academic transition counseling is the only service I provide for an hourly fee. This is to make the fee more accessible for graduate student or non-tenure track professionals.

I focus on writing and researching quality copy. While I do not provide design services, I do have several creative and professional graphic and web designers that I can contract with if there is a design component of your project. I will always consult with you before conferring with another professional about your project. Another option is that I am always able to collaborate with your design team on your project. In short, while I am not a designer myself, I have options to incorporate any design component your project may require.

Once my services are paid in full, you own all rights to any copy I have produced for you.

Yes. Many of my clients require the completion of a NDA and I am more than happy to accommodate.

Easy! Contact me. I respond to emails within 24 hours. We’ll arrange a time to have a free phone or Skype consultation during which we can assess whether we’re a good fit for one another.

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